The Lovelace Apothecary is an Omnia Corvus Curiosities pet project sprung from the dreams of every young witch. Go ahead and find me a witch who hasn’t dreamed of having a gigantic garden or a library of jars filled with hundreds of different herbs. Who wouldn’t want to have everything you need for your herbal jars and remedies growing right outside or already available on a shelf to you. 

I mean come on… who doesn’t want that?

That was my dream, and the Lovelace Apothecary has embarked on our journey of humble beginnings. As of right now, we’re working with a porch and window garden at the Omnia Corvus Homestead, but last spring we grew 10 of our own herbs. This year we are shooting for 15 different herbs grown in our garden and harvested for the apothecary! 

Currently in our Shoppe we carry 30 different herbs, but that number is steadily rising. We can get over 130 herbs and that list is growing as well. Our mission is to provide an affordable array of botanicals to make ingredients accessible to everyone. Our herbal inventory is sourced from distributors who ethically source them. 

In the future, we will be adding herbalist consultations to get the holistic remedies you need for everything you can possibly think of. In the meantime, we offer tons of loose herbs in all sorts of sizes, herbalism kits, and proprietary spell kits that include everything you need to do your magick!