Founded in December of 2018 by Lady Jessica Lovelace, The Omnia Corvus Curiosities Shoppe was built as an outlet to share her art and wisdom with the world. After an outpouring of support from friends and family, it only made sense to expand her hobbies and practice making her open minded but practical style of magick available to anyone who seeks it. 

In December 2019 The Omnia Corvus Curiosities Shoppe graduated from a simple facebook page to a full fledged small business. Having officially registered as a small business in January 2020, we had our online debut and grand opening in March 2020. The Omnia Corvus Curiosities Shoppe has had to adapt and overcome many obstacles in our first year of existence due to being thrown the COVID curveball very shortly after we launched. However, even in the face of the biggest hurdles many of us have ever seen, the Omnia Corvus Curiosities Shoppe has had the privilege of serving many happy customers and clients with their metaphysical needs. 

Our ultimate goal is to grow our Shoppe to the point where we become a brick and mortar location. This location will also provide a magickal community center, serving as a haven for guidance and learning for witches and weirdos of all walks from the Mobtown Halo. Over time, we hope to continue to expand our online catalog to include a spiritual academy of coursework so you can become a student of Omnia Corvus.


Hailing from the land of Old Bay and Edgar Allan Poe, The Omnia Corvus Curiosities Shoppe is an eccentric woman/lgbtq+ owned small business catering to the needs of the witchy and weird. The Omnia Corvus Curiosities Team works around the clock to bring quality ingredients, materials, resources, and services to those who seek them. From apothecary to antiques and altar supply, tarot readings and specialized rituals, The Omnia Corvus Curiosities Shoppe has exactly what you are looking for and then some. We also specialize in unique one of a kind art pieces. From custom wood burned pieces to (non)traditional canvas art, you’re bound to find something that complements your particular style!  Made-to-order pieces available upon request.

So what is Omnia Corvus anyways?


Omnia Corvus is a nod to our Omnistic ways yet still showing influence from Lady Lovelace’s spiritual leanings. Omnia Corvus; or All Raven in Latin, is the idea of taking heed to all the messages the Raven sends us. The Raven is a mighty bird that is believed to wield the power of the gods. Omnia Corvus explores all of the knowledge the mighty Raven chooses to bestow upon us and we do not ignore the paths we are led to. The pursuit of knowledge is endless and no wisdom is ignored.  


No matter why you’ve ended up here, We can find a solution for you.  It’s obvious that you’ve made it here for a reason. You’ve landed at this site and we thank you for giving us an outlet. The question begs; however, why have you made it here? How can we help you today?