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Professional Spirit Worker

Jessica Lovelace

Professional event services & consultancy for out-of-the-box event production. Spirit work for the practical and the real.


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After supporting over 500 events since 2009, I am proud to offer my skills to help build people’s dream events and occasions. Specializing in event operations and logistics management from the moment of conceptualization to final wrap up, I am here every step of the way to make sure everything is taken care of for your big day!

As a Spirit Worker, I offer many goods and services that can help you better connect to the spirits, your ancestors, or the divine. Ritual supplies, spell kits, customized art pieces, readings, and much more is available through my store, the Omnia Corvus Curiosities Shoppe

Have you been thinking about putting together a cool event but you’re not sure how to go about it?

Do you need a support team to help you take your convention, festival, or party to the next level of operating efficiency? Perhaps you are looking to have an out-of-the-box style wedding, birthday party, or other kind of celebration?

If so, you’ve found just the right person! Let me use my experience and connections to help make your soiree dreams come true!

Keep reading below for my portfolio.

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Featured Experience

Omnia Corvus, LLC

2020 – Current

Owner/Operator of Omnia Corvus, LLC. Professional Events & Witchery. Professional Event Witchery. Consultant for the magical and the weird. Weaver of dreams. Purveyor of mystical accoutrements. Caster of spells. Creator of spooky art. Collector of rocks and random shiny things. view the shoppe

Vampire Court of Baltimore

2017 – Current

Creating Baltimore’s premier Salon Noir experiences since 2017. Providing safe spaces for Mobtown’s arcane and profane expression. From the Mystical and Odd, to the downright dark and dirty. (and everything in between)

Proper Ops, LLC


About a decade of experience creating and executing event operations plans. Having worn many managerial hats through this experience has given me a well rounded perspective valuable to all types of events and all the departments within them. Venues, contracts, permits, ticketing, marketing, staging, lighting, sound, decor, production, entertainment, performers, bars, security, staffing, equipment handling, set up/break down, and so much more. 


My Recent Work

World Oddities Expo

Volunteer Coordinator

Baltimore, October 2021

Goth Picnic


Family Friendly Event
Baltimore County, October 2021

Mabon Masquerade

Event Specialist

Online Salon Noir, September 2020

Muse: The Artist's Marketplace

Event Specialist

Salon Noir – Baltimore City, 2018


My Journal

Check out my Blog! Called: The Vampyre Witch – Musings for the Arcane and the Profane.

Who even is The Vampyre Witch?

Who even is The Vampyre Witch?

So, Who the hell are you Miss Vampyre Witch? Well hello there. My name is Jessica Lovelace O'Mallie-Corvidae, but for the sake of conversation and most of my business, I am just Jessica Lovelace.  It’s hard to label my practice, but if I had to, I’d say I am a...

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Event Witchery in Baltimore

Jessica Lovelace

Events & Operations Specialist

Oracle & Vampyre Witch