Custom Spellwork

​Omnia Corvus Curiosities offers tailor-made spellwork designed to manifest your unique desires. Your situation is yours alone, so why use a generic spell for your individual needs? Let us build you a customized spellwork plan that helps you gain what it is you seek.

When it comes to spellwork, every ritual is as different as the clients they’re created for. You are battling problems that are strictly your own. Not everyone shares the same struggles as you. In fact, everyone’s struggles are vastly different. For this reason, no two spells are exactly alike.

Lady Lovelace works directly with clients one on one to help create a customized ritual experience to assist you with whatever is on your mind!

While it is not required, It is highly recommended for all new clients of Omnia Corvus Curiosities to undergo a New Client Session. New Client Sessions are 1 hour long and will include intuitive spiritual guidance, a Q&A session, and several modes of divination. At the end of each session you will have explored the nature of what has brought you here and have a “diagnostic” and plan of action discussed then sent to your email about how to move forward.

Many of the Omnia Corvus Corvus ritual options come with a physical package of some sort that helps connect you to your spells. All spellwork comes with updates before, during, and after your ritual transpires so you have a full view of the beginning, the experience, and the outcome of your spell.

Perhaps having someone else doing the spellwork for you isn’t your style? We also offer customized D-I-Y Spellwork kits  that include everything you need for your spell!

All spellwork plans come with a consultation. You can choose to start your plan with a New Client Consultation to get started. Alternatively, you can choose the type of spellwork you wish to partake in and book your Spellwork Consultation Appointment to discuss the details of your work in depth.

  • The Door to Riches
  • Money Drawing
  • Creative Business Ideas
  • Earn a Raise
  • Goodbye to Debt
  • Money Talisman
  • Manifest Special Indulgences
  • Prosperity Bowl


  • Become Unfuckwithable
  • Heal a Broken Heart
  • Get Well
  • Cord Cutting
  • Curse/Hex Removal
  • Cleansing/Healing
  • Dark Energy Removal
  • Good Vibes/Positivity
  • Shield Against Harm
  • Love Only Me
  • Love Everlasting
  • Marry Me
  • Be Obsessed
  • Return to Me
  • Contact Me
  • Find My Soulmate
  • Love Thyself
  • Commitment
  • Lust For Me
  • Bind somone from harming you or others
  • Bind two souls together
  • Bitch Be Gone
  • Banish Dark Forces
  • Banish Toxic People From Your Life
  • Cleanse Thyself
  • Cleanse Thy Neighbor
  • Aura Purifier
  • Negative Energy Cleanse
  • Bullshit Purifier
  • Walk as a God/dess
  • Awaken the Vamp Within
  • Unlock your Third Eye
  • Psychic Attunement
  • Revenge
  • Curse/Hex Reversal
  • Mirror Reversal
  • Curse Thine Enemy
  • Fuck That Bitch
  • Karmic Retribution