Why Choose Omnia Corvus Curiosities?

Our Custom Spellwork Services

Professional spell work services to help you manifest your deepest desires and bring forth the change you need to see.

The Omnia Corvus Curiosities Shoppe offers tailor-made spellwork designed to manifest your unique desires. Your situation is yours alone, so why use a generic spell for your individual needs? Let us build you a customized spell work plan that helps you gain what it is you seek.

When it comes to spellwork, every ritual is as different as the clients they’re created for because you are battling problems that are strictly your own. Not everyone shares the same struggles as you. In fact, everyone’s struggles are vastly different. For this reason, no two spells are exactly alike.

As a result, Lady Lovelace works directly with clients one on one to help create a customized ritual experience to assist you with whatever is on your mind!

Here you can find limited edition services, guest spots, and exclusive deals for Omnia Corvus Curiosities services!

Right now, all of our services are listed at an introductory discounted rate!

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Group spells are an affordable way to get the spellwork you need.

Custom Spellwork

Tailor-made spellwork designed to manifest your unique desires. Let us build you a customized spellwork plan that helps you gain what it is you seek.

How Custom Spellwork Services Work

First, you book your appointment through our services request form. When you request Custom Spellwork, you are requesting both the ritual type you wish to have as well as a time and date to discuss your spellwork plan.

After you've sent in your request...

Then, the prep work will begin! After the information obtained through your request form as well as your consultation has been collected, the preparations can begin. This information will be the backbone of your spellwork process. Remember to be as detailed with your desires as possible. Spells are only as strong and the intent behind them. After the info has been obtained, the spell writing and materials gathering begins.

Embark on your Spellwork Journey

Next, once your one-of-a-kind customized spell has been written, your spell can begin. You will receive updates before, during and after your spell so you know exactly how your work is going and can even join in if you’d like!

Conslusion & Reports

Finally, as your spell comes to a close, you will receive a report of how your ritual went.