New Client Sessions

Witchcraft is never a cut and dry, black and white, one answer for every problem kind of thing. Every person’s story is unique and the magick they would need to use to manifest their goals is different. When you embark on your magickal journey with the Omnia Corvus Curiosities Team, we work with every new client one on one to take an in-depth look at you and your situation to truly understand what it is you seek. This way, we can properly determine your best course of action to manifest your desire. Once we have worked with you to decide your next steps, we tailor a spiritual plan for your specific needs. No two people’s journeys are exactly alike.

New Client Sessions are an hour long mystical Q&A experience that will include an interview about your needs, a 3 card oracle spread, and pendulum work to help engage the unconscious and explore what it is you seek.

New Client Sessions are a highly suggested first step for all new clients of Omnia Corvus’ Magickal Services. This consultation will include one on one discussion about the reasons that brought you here and how to improve upon them, including the use of several divinatory aids to help along the way.

Once the consultation is complete, you will have had several readings done to get insight from multiple points of view. Along with this, you will receive a recommended course of action that is gone over with you and emailed to you as well. You will be advised as to how to handle your specific situation and we will follow up with a full written ‘diagnostic’ of your readings and a potential course of action. All new Omnia Corvus Magickal Services clients will receive a discount code or bundle option for further services with us should you choose to let us further assist you.