Psychic Readings

The gifted psychics at the Omnia Corvus Curiosities Shoppe will give you real insight on your life in a fun yet educational experience. Seek out divine wisdom and discover what it is you need to know about that situation looming over you. The universe is always calling, speaking wisdom to us through subtle vibrations. Are you listening? Can you hear it? We are here to help decipher those messages so you can move forward feeling empowered with clarity and ready to face the day head on. With our intuitive divination services, let us help you formulate a plan to take on whatever obstacle lies before you. Our repertoire of readers specialize in various forms of divination including oracle card, tarot card, tea leaf, pendulum readings, and more.


All of our psychic readings are confidential, so you can feel comfortable unlocking the answers to your most sensitive questions. We take pride in being a safe space where you are free to discuss anything with confidence.

If you aren’t sure about what session type would be best for you, just use your intuition to select your appointment type. We also have a “New Client” session that is tailored to help immerse a newcomer into their magickal journey. These 1 hour sessions will always include at least a 3 card spread and some pendulum work. Plus, you’ll be able to talk about potential future services or a metaphysical game plan to help you reach your highest goals!

Divination services can be utilized as a single session, but they can always be batched together with other services to provide a comprehensive spiritual plan to help you with your needs.

Appointments are not confirmed until paid. Please note that all sales are final (no refunds) Rescheduling only permitted with 48 hours advance notice.

If you have any questions or difficulty booking your appointment, please feel free to contact us