Spiritual Guidance

Let the compassionate wisdom of the Omnia Corvus team guide you through your spiritual journey.

​Spiritual companions are loving, welcoming people who support and accompany those who are on their own spiritual journey through life. Spiritual companions are intuitive spiritual friends who are capable of listening and responding without being judgmental of your spiritual path or your current place within it.  Spiritual Companions are there to inspire you to experience your spiritual journey in the most authentic way humanly possible. Spiritual Companions are there to encourage you to grow and become the best version of yourself that you can be. 

Lady Lovelace’s work as a spiritual companion draws from 17 years of practicing the art of witchcraft and 10 years experience as a public servant in the security field. Her unique scope of experience allows her to approach metaphysics with a practical point of view, helping provide down to earth and real world guidance. 

Our Spiritual Guidance Companionship sessions with Omnia Corvus Curiosities are a little different than your average spiritual companionship programs. Our outlook and perspective is much more realistic than most. While we do not judge, we also do not sugar coat. Our advice comes straight from the soul. We do not tell you what you want to hear, but what you NEED to hear. It can be hard but rewarding work.


What are Spiritual Guidance Sessions Like?

Well, that depends on what your goal is! All Spiritual Guidance sessions are 1 on 1 with Lady Lovelace where you are able to talk about anything happening in your spiritual world. You will have undivided listening attention from your companion and readiness to help guide you through your journey with a helping hand. We may employ any one of several techniques including spirit work, divination, co-created rituals, and personalized incantations.

The more information you provide on the services request form the better your session will be!

What kind of sessions are there?

Well, there’s a couple answers to this question so bare with me!

First, there’s 2 lengths for sessions.

  • 30 minutes for $50
  • 60 minutes for $90


Aside from the time, these sessions are the ultimate in customizable experience with endless possibilities depending on your needs! This is why it is so important for you to give me as much detail as possible when you fill out the request form.

  • Are you having some life troubles that you want to work through? Tell me about it!
  • Have you stumbled upon a new deity that you want to know more about? Which one(s)?
  • Perhaps you’re unsure of how to move forward with something you’ve been working on?
  • Maybe you’d just like someone to chat with about magick?


Whatever it is, we’re here for you!

Are you looking for a D-I-Y Spellwork consult? A 30 minute session is perfect for you! Tell me exactly what you’re looking to accomplish with your spell on the request form and I will create a spellwork plan and go over it step by step with you. Afterwards, I will email the written spell to you and offer you the option of purchasing your spellwork materials through Omnia Corvus with a discount coupon!