Viking EDC/Altar Coin


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This Viking art hobo nickel is a brilliantly detailed art coin fashioned to look like a Morgan silver dollar. Featuring a scene including the face of a Viking and a drakkar ship out at sea with a knotwork border, this coin is the perfect companion for any Viking enthusiast.

Hobo nickels are artistically modified currency coins that are crafted into sculptural reliefs. Nickels were favored because of its sizes, thickness, and softness. However, the term “hobo nickel” was a blanket term for any coin of any denomination that was carved in such a manner.

This Everyday carry coin is an essential part of your EDC toolkit, giving you decision making assistance, a fidget object, and worry coin all in one.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .3 in


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