Yes/No Divination/EDC Coin


  • Yes/No Coin
  • Brilliantly Detailed
  • EDC/Fidget Object
  • Perfect for curing indecisiveness
  • Divination tool
  • Excellent gift!

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This  fortune telling “Yes” or “No” Divination coin is a brilliantly detailed and heavy coin that is about size of an American silver dollar. Adorned with magic and occult symbolism on both sides of the coin, this decision making altar coin is the perfect companion for your favorite indecisive, coin collecting, or divination aficionado friend. Don’t know if you should do that thing or not? F*ck it! Flip a coin about it! This Yes or No coin contains the power to predict the best course of action for you with very easy to read clear cut yes/no response. Can you handle that sort of power? This Everyday carry coin is an essential part of your EDC toolkit, giving you decision making assistance, a fidget object, and worry coin all in one.



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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .3 in


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