Travel Grounding Altar Kit – Great for Paranormal Investigators!


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For grounding on the go!

These convenient miniature grounding altar tins come with everything you need to do full grounding and/or shielding in pocket sized form! Just enough material to do the work you need to do without the hassle of dragging along your entire altar! These grounding altar tins are the size of an Altoids tin so they will fit easily in your pocket, purse, or backpack! Filled with a variety of supplies to carry out your will and intent just about anywhere!

Contents include:

  • 3 Black Candles
  • 3 White Candles
  • 2 Mini Candle Holders
  • 2 Rope Incense
  • 2 Pieces of Hematite
  • 1 Anchor Charm
  • 1 Tree of Life Charm
  • 1 Pentacle Charm
  • 1 Vial of Black Salt


How to use for Grounding & Shielding

This Grounding and Shielding Kit contains many different tools to help ground or shield yourself in a pinch. You can use all of the pieces to perform an entire grounding and shielding ritual. Alternatively, you can use the individual pieces as a quick way to protect yourself while in the field.

Use a rope incense to give yourself a smoke bath cleanse and to give yourself some grounding aromatherapy. This smoke cleanse can cleanse you as well as your space if you choose to use the whole kit for a full ritual.

Use one of your black candles in a mini candle holder to ward off negativity and surround yourself in protective light. Then, use one of your white candles to shield yourself once you’ve been cleansed. If you’re doing a paranormal investigation, you want to put up a filter rather than a full shield so that you can still have experiences during your hunt. Make sure to define what you want to filter out, and what may be allowed in.

The 3 Charms you receive can be used as warding tools, grounding meditation tools, or altar tools. The Tree can help you plant your roots into the Earth to ground. The Anchor can be used to anchor your spiritual self to a specific spot. Should your astral self go astray, focus on coming back to yourself and anchoring your spirit to your body. The Pentacle can be used as a way to connect to all of the elements. Cycle through the warmth of fire to burn up what intends to cause you harm, then water to wash it all away. Feel the breath of air to blow away any remaining debris of negativity, and then Earth to ground yourself completely.

Hematite is an iron oxide crystal. The core of our planet is make of iron and nickel, so Hematite is a great crystal to plant yourself right into the ground and dig deep. With it’s sheen often like a mirror, hematite has been known for eons to serve as a protective cloak. You can hold onto this stone and visualize it bringing you back down to earth and providing a protective mirror shield when you are under metaphysical attack. Can be deployed in the moment to protect you as attack is happening or used after the fact to give you a protective bubble in which you can do the rest of your grounding and shielding work.

Hematite has been used for millennia in a variety of fashions. At least 40,000 years ago, people obtained hematite, crushed it into a powder, and made paint with it. Prehistoric pictographs on the walls of caves were once painted with Hematite paint. You can still find paints today that are made with hematite pigment. Native Americans would smear hematite paint on their faces and use it as war paint. Hematite stones and jewelry adorned the tombs of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. Hematite’s historical use spans far and wide, through the entire history of civilization.

Black Salt is a protection and negativity absorbing agent that has been used by Pagans, Wiccans, and Voodoo practitioners alike. Generally, they use black salt to rid things of negative energy and keep it away. It is mostly used for protection of the home and their family within it. However, some people use it for banishing or reversal magick. It can even have baneful purposes. However, in this context, we will be using Black Salt to cleanse oneself of negative energy and banish negative spirits. Take a small sprinkle of your Black Salt into your right hand and envision yourself purging all negativity directly into the salt. Push it all out from your hand and into the salt, allowing the cleansing nature of the salt to absorb it. When you have sufficiently purged your negativity, dispose of the salt. You may choose to allow it to blow in the wind, or bury it, or trap it inside of something until you’ve finished your investigation or task. Make sure to shield yourself then release it afterwards.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in
Handmade Product Notice

Due to the handmade nature of these products, each Altar Tin will have variations and flaws. Each one is put together individually including handmade pieces and hand crafted detailing. Therefore, each will be unique, one of a kind, and perfectly imperfect.


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