Black Salt


  • All Purpose Ritual Salt
  • Absorbs Negativity
  • Use for light & dark magick
  • Protect loved ones
  • Useful in baneful work
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Black Salt is a very good addition to everyone’s apothecary collection. It’s protective, it’s clarifying, it’s purifying, it’s grounding. It has so many magickal uses, everyone could benefit from having some! Some traditions even use it for cursing, hexing, or binding. However, it’s also used to remove such things. You can sprinkle onto dolls for dark magick if you are so inclined. Or, you can use it as a protective tool and sprinkle around to keep unpleasantries from embarking upon you or your household. Tuck small bag fulls around to keep negative people and things away. Toss some onto their footsteps to keep them from retracing their steps back to you. Hold onto black salt and channel your inner negativity into it, then bury it to make it all go away. Make sure to dispose of used salts properly, especially if you use them for more unsavory workings.

Our hand made black salts are blended in the Lovelace Apothecary Kitchen and will vary in color. May include small bits of plant matter. Not for culinary use. 

Bag Details

Due to the nature of loose herbs, not all bags will have the same weights. Some herbs are much more dense and therefore take up less room in a bag. Our bags are either filled to the brim of their size, or they cap at a certain weight. All loose herb purchases have the same guidelines.

Spell Bag:  2″x2″ bag not to exceed 10 grams
Small Bag: 3″x4″ bag not to exceed 30 grams
Medium Bag: 7″x3.5″ bag not to exceed 60 grams

Store in an air-tight sealed container away from direct exposure to light, heat and moisture/humidity until ready to use.

Additional information

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