Chime Candles – Singular – 9 colors available!


  • Individual spell candles
  • 9 different colors
  • Good fit for all types of rituals
  • Perfect for color magick
  • See color correspondences below!


These individual 4″x1/2″ Chime Candles come in 9 different colors for your candle magick needs!

Sometimes you don’t need 20 of the same colored candle, ya know? Sometimes you just need to grab one or two of a couple colors to handle some business. Well, these are the candles for you! These candles burn for about 2-2/12 hours and fit into any chime candle holders with a 1/2″ hole.

Candle Color Meanings

  •  White – Purity and peace, happiness, strength, add to the potency of protection spells
  •  Pink – Emotion and inspiration
  •  Red – Passion, love, desire, influence
  •  Orange – Vibrancy, Energy, Fire, The Sun, Strength
  •  Yellow – Solar energy, clarity of thought, communication, learning
  •  Green – Earth, healing, growth, money drawing, fertility, and prosperity. Healing
  •  Blue – Water, Healing, Tranquility, Sleep, Dreams, Truthfulness. 
  •  Purple – Influence of the mind, unlock psychic potential, discover unexplored wisdom, Spiritual Awareness
  •  Black – Protection, Balancing, Ridding of Negativity

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in


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