Healing/Protection Chime Candle Bundle



5x Black Candles
5x Blue Candles
5x Purple Candles
5x White Candles

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This ritual candle bundle has been put together with the colors of Beltane to create an affordable option to get all the candle colors you need to do you healing and protection magickal workings!


Candle colors:


White  – White is color magick is often associated with purification, goodness, light, and truth. White candles can be used to help create unity and peace for someone who may be suffering. They could be used to cleanse and purify something or someone of what no longer serves them or what may ail them.

It is also widely accepted to use white candles to represent any other color meaning it can represent anything you want it to. Therefore, this candle can be used to personalize the intention you wish to use your healing/protection spell for.

Black  – Black is associated with the protection from and the banishment of negativity. Black candles can be used to detect, neutralize or absorb, and banish negative workings done against you. Black candles can be used to absorb illness and bad habits.

Purple  – Purple is often associated with psychic abilities and intuition as well as royalty and power. Purple is associated with the crown chakra and our connection to a higher power. Use the purple candles to enhance your psychic protections. Call upon your inner higher powers and encase your energy (or theirs) in divine protection

Blue  – Blue is always associated with healing, calm, patience, and understanding. Blue can be used to calm a situation or lift spirits. It can be used to fight against mental health struggles or any other ailments that may arise. Blue is an all purpose healing color that can heal more than just someone’s physical health. It can heal bonds, lines of communication, emotional baggage, and even the inability to recognize these things.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 5 × 3 in

Each Healing Chime Candle Bundle comes with 5 candles in each of the 4 colors for a total of 20 candles.


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