Mabon Harvest (Autumn Equinox) Chime Candle Bundle



5x Black Candles
5x Orange Candles
5x Yellow Candles
5x Red Candles

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This ritual candle bundle has been put together with the colors of Mabon to create an affordable option to get all the candle colors you need to do your Autumn harvest workings!

When is Mabon? September 21 – September 29, 2021
When is the Autumn Equinox? September 22, 2021 (Wednesday)

What is Mabon? Mabon is a harvest festival is a pagan ritual of thanksgiving for the fruits of the Earth and the understanding of the importance of securing the blessings of the Divine to the terrestrial plane. The name Mabon itself is a modern term coined around 1970, but the autumn equinox festival has been celebrated since antiquity. In Ancient Greek mythology, the autumn equinox marks the point when Persephone returns to the Underworld to be reunited with Hades.
What is the Autumn Equinox? In the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumn Equinox is the moment when the Sun appears to cross the celestial equator heading south. This date for many cultures marks the end of summer, ushering in the first day of fall. On the Equinoxes, the days and nights are equal in length, marking the mid points between the Solstices.


Candle colors:


Red: For Mabon, red represents the harvest, specifically apples. Everyone knows autumn is apple season. Apples are “godly” fruit, often representing power and free will. It is believed that apples have existed for over 10,000 years. Apples are the fruit of the underworld, where Persephone returns to during Mabon. Leaving apples on your altar as an offering to the dead to welcome them into your home to feast with you during the harvest season. Apples bring forth love, protection, fertility and longevity, much like the color red does. Red also represents fire, and keeping warm in the impending colder seasons.

Orange: Orange also represents the harvest by means of pumpkins! Gourds, especially pumpkins, are a widespread symbol of the harvest season. Mabon, or the second harvest, is when hearty crops are finally about to be picked and enjoyed throughout the darker season. Orange is used to bring new opportunity into your life and to bolster creativity and self expression.

Yellow: Yellow represents the sun, and represents our giving thanks to what the Sun has allowed us to grow and harvest this year. Yellow is a color of abundance, joy, persuasion, protection, and self empowerment. Use the yellow candle to bring these traits into your life and to rejoice in the sun’s power before it wanes for the rest of the year.

     Together red, orange, and yellow represent the colors of fall. The changing leaves a telltale sign that Autumn has arrived.

Black: Black represents the impending darkness as the Sun begins to make her descent into the winter months where she becomes more and more scarce. Black represents the protection you need to set up for yourself, hunkering down to survive the winter months. Banish negativity out of where you plan to store your harvest and hibernate so you can live peacefully with enough to get you through.

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Dimensions 4.5 × 1 × 3 in

Each Mabon Chime Candle Bundle comes with 5 candles in each of the 4 colors for a total of 20 candles.


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