Litha & Lughnasadh (midsummer & First Harvest) Chime Candle Bundle



Summer Holidays Candle Bundle
(Litha & Lughnasadh)

5x Green Candles
5x Yellow Candles
5x Orange Candles
5x Red Candles

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This ritual candle bundle has been put together with the colors of the summer to create an affordable option to get all the candle colors you need to do your Summer magickal workings!


When is Litha & Lughnaadh?

= Midsummer/Summer Solstice – Monday June 21th, 2021
Lughnasadh = Gaelic First Harvest Festival – August 1, 2021


Because of the nature of these two holidays, this candle set works for both holidays!

Candle Colors

Yellow – Yellow represents the sun. Summer is all about the Sun being at peak strength. Yellow also associated with abundance and joy. Use the yellow to insert these qualities into your life.

Green – Green represents the growth and bounty of the earth during the Summer season. The trees and fields are full and green. Life, fertility, and prosperity is all around us. Use green to invite some of that Summer life and growth into your home.

Orange – For Litha or Summer Solstice, associate orange with the vision of summer sunsets. The beauty and tranquility you can find during a sunset as well as the creative energy such displays can inspire. For Lughnasadh, associate orange with the first harvest. Orange is a color of the harvest. While it may be too early in the season to have your usual orange vegetables, the color reminds us of the second harvest in which we are striving for.

Red –  Red is the color of fire, the color of love, the color of lust, the color of passion. It’s the color of blood. It’s vitality, it’s virility. It’s what keeps us alive. Allow the red candles to invoke the power of fire into your blood to imbue your very essence with the fire and passion to reach your goals through the season.



Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 5 × 3 in

Each Summer Chime Candle Bundle comes with 5 candles in each of the 4 colors for a total of 20 candles.


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