Fossil Coral Jasper Crystal Skull


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Fossil Coral Jasper Crystal Skull

Crystal skulls can be used in witchcraft in many ways, for many things.

Crystal skulls are often used to represent ancestors, loved ones who have passed, or any other type of spirit one chooses to work with. Many witches are also animists and will therefore see that every crystal skull comes with its own unique spirit. Sometimes you can tell what kind of spirit based on the type of stone it has. Sometimes your energy will determine the type of energy the crystal skulls gives back. You can even put a spirit into the stone if that’s the type of work you do. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

Most commonly, they represent your holy dead… Whomever your holy dead may be. Be it a familial spirit, a kindred spirit, a precious friend or loved one who has passed. You put your crystal skull on your altar and allow their presence to live inside of that stone. They become your ancestral companion through this stone.


Crystal Type: Fossil Coral Jasper

Crystal Description: Fossil Coral Jasper is a natural gemstone that is created when prehistoric coral is gradually replaced with chalcedony. .

Crystal Type Properties: Known to help with wisdom in the pursuit of success. Helps push forward your financial and business pursuits. Helps watch your back and helps you avoid dangers. Keeps you motivated to do the right things to achieve success. Very akin to water being that it was once a sea creature itself.

Specific Uses For This Crystal Skull Type:

  • Calling upon ancestors or spirits to be your guide through business
  • Invoking water spirits
  • Creating a counselor spirit to help you go with the flow.
  • Put on your desk where you work or run your business.


But Remember! The use of this crystal is not bound by its properties. If you like this crystal skull because its colors are something your loved one would’ve liked, that’s okay and totally valid!

Crystal Size: Aprox 2” – See photos for size comparisons

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Dimensions 2 × 3 × 2.5 in


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